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Spill Results in Severe Burns



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Spill Results in Severe Burns

Chemical Spill Cleanup

Chemical Spill Cleanup

A South Windsor worker suffered serious burns to 40% of his body as a result of spilled liquids not being immediately cleaned up.

The 25 year old man slipped in a puddle of thinners at around noon on the 15th of July.

As a result, the thinners soaked his clothes and were set alight by sparks from a nearby lathe, engulfing him in fire.

He was then taken to North Sydney Hospital in a critical but stable condition.

This incident clearly shows that workplace spills are both an OHS and environmental issue. If due diligence was exercised this injury could have been avoided.

This case demonstrates how crucial it is that the correct decanting and spill response equipment is at hand and staff have been trained in the how and why of deployment.

Spill Station Australia has a complete range of SPILL KITS, SAFETY SHOWERS and FREE SPILL KIT TRAINING to ensure your site is meeting OHS obligation to offset the risks present in your workplace.

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