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Mandatory Equipment Compliance Service

In order for you to maintain workplace safety and compliance, you need to ensure you maintain your equipment. Under harmonised Work Health and Safety regulations, failure to maintain safety and emergency equipment can result in a $30,000 fine.

To help you to maintain compliance and avoid penalty, Spill Station now offer a complete scheduled maintenance programme covering safety showers, eyewash equipment, safety cabinets and spill kits. These mandatory compliance and performance requirements are set out in the following Australian Standards:

AS4775-2007 Safety Shower and Eyewash Equipment
AS1940-2004 Storage and Handling of Flammable Liquids
AS3780-2008 Storage and Handling of Corrosive Substances
AS4332-2004 Storage and Handling of Gases in Cylinders
Harmonised Work Health and Safety Regulations

Contact us today to arrange your first spill kit compliance check at no cost.

Offer limited to the first twenty callers

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