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Fast Response Reduces Harm

Oil Spill Containment Boom

Oil Spill Containment Boom

Having the correct spill response equipment on hand is critical as a Sydney refinery found out.

An oil spill at the Shell’s Clyde refinery in western Sydney was contained using spill containment booms.

The spill response team at the refinery was assisted by Hazmat teams and workers from the Ports Authority.

While some contaminant made it’s way into nearby Duck Creek, spokesman for NSW Fire & Rescue said that the oil did not cause any damage and posed no risk to residents.

The spill was caused by the unusually heavy rainfall in Sydney over the last 10 days.

Spills for all sizes of business can be an issue that can quickly get out of control.

Make sure you have sufficient spill response equipment on hand to deal with a spill on your site.

Contact Spill Station® Australia for an obligation free site audit Australia wide.

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