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20 Litre Spill Costs Two QLD Employees $29,800

Fish Kill

Fish Kill

In the course of loading an insecticide called endosulfan onto a truck, a forklift driver pierced a drum causing 20 litres of the chemical to spill onto the ground.

A site employee hosed the chemical down a drain that led to a local watercourse resulting in a serous fish kill.

The DERM investigation found that there were no equipment, procedures or training in place ensuring adequate response to spills.

The two employees involved and the company were successfully prosecuted.

  • The forklift driver had to pay $8,800.00 in fines and investigation costs.
  • The site employee had to pay $21,000.00 in fines and investigation costs.
  • The company had to pay $166,000.00 in fines, investigation costs, local advertising and remediation costs.

These amounts do not include court costs or legal costs incurred by the defendants.

If spill response equipment and training totaling under $300 was purchased from Spill Station® Australia, this $200,000.00 problem could have been completely avoided.

Don’t wait for this to happen to you. Contact Spill Station® Australia today to arrange you obligation free site inspection.

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